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What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

By Tyler Brownell. Christmas is the merriest, jolliest time of year. It’s the holiday season. The snow is blowing, the fire is showing, the spirits are glowing. The christmas spirit is in the air. Christmas, the magical day of presents

Is the iPod 5 really better then the iPod 4?

By Lily Mason. Everyone is starting to get the new iPod 5 but the question is, is it better the the iPod 4? “I don’t use my iPod 4 any more because i had to sell it after I won

Colored drinks in class?

By Heaven Thomas & Grace Shalz Teachers here at Mesa do not allow colored or flavored drinks in class but the question is should they really be allowed? Teachers say no, because they can spill and leave a mess for

Mesa’s Clothes Drive for the Denver Rescue Mission.

By Haley Brown and Megan Liestman On Nov. 15th, girl scouts, Kelley Slagowski and Morgan Hinker started the clothes drive for the Denver Rescue Mission. Girl scout Kelley Slagowski said, “There have been 78 items donated.” Mesa students should try

Bon Voyage, Mr. Newland

By Molly Wagner and Heaven Thomas. It was a normal exciting day at Mesa Middle School, until we got the terrible news… Mr. Newland, the choir teacher, is leaving Mesa. “There were many factors in my difficult decision to leave

Teacher Exchange Program with Mr. Mandrioli

By Joshua Minnick an Dalton Thomas. There are many good teachers on the Polar pod and all around the school, and one of those teachers is named Carl Mandrioli. He is leaving Mesa Middle School and going to Australia in

12/21/12, Doomsday?

By Thomas Meade. Many people believe that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012 because the Mayan calendar will show it’s last day. The Mayan calendar has been known as more accurate than the average 12 month calendar. Although

7th Grade Girls Basketball Tryouts

By Molly Nyberg and Ana Vier Mesa Middle School’s 7th grade girls basketball tryouts have started. With over 30 people at tryouts and 4 teams total, this season is starting off great.There will be one A-team, one B-team, and two

Roller Derby: Looking for Recruits

By Tyler Brownell. The kids here at Mesa all know about Douglas County High School and the Huskies Football team. Many know about the local sports and teams in the area. But did you know there is another sport, one

Tech Ed: More than a class

By Leslie Ayala and MaryRose Axtell                                                                    

Chromebooks at Mesa Middle School

By Ashley Smith. Chromebooks are a popular piece of technology being used at Mesa Middle School. Hardly any student will be able to go this semester without saying they’ve used a Chromebook at least once. If a student goes into

Technology Student Association: The Tech club

By Thomas Meade Do you like technology? Than the TSA or Technology Student Association is perfect for you. It gives you opportunities such as video game design, architecture, software application, and many more. This club is after school and is

More Sports at Mesa

By Dallas Beveridge and Ashley Frasersmith. Many people believe that there should be more sports programs at Mesa, but some kids don’t believe that there should be more sports at Mesa. Why should there, and why should there not be

The NBA 2K Association has done it again

NBA 2K13 Rated E for Everyone¦ For Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, PC and Nintendo Wii U¦ ♦♦♦♦♦ By Dalton Thomas and Joshua Minnick. Basketball is a very popular sport in the USA and all around the country. A lot of

Homework Club

By Grant Mosal. Hey, Mesa, Do you wait till the last second to get your homework finished?  Do you get distracted while doing homework? Are you tired of getting in trouble because you aren’t turning homework in on time?  Are

Mr. Funk: Teaching in a new way

By Danny Tafoya and Jarrod Biado. Mr. Funk is the Atlas science teacher and he goes to the limit with his teaching. He sees things you don’t want him to see. He does his best to teach you the way

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Created by Bohemia Interactive Studios¦ Rated M for Mature ¦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ¦ By Tyler Brownell. Bohemia Interactive Studios has done it again. They continue to make some of the best simulator games on the pc. This time, they

The Polar Bear Team in Action

By Ashley Frasersmith. There are three seventh grade teams. One of the teams upstairs is the one that has a white bear… and that is the Polar bear team. The Polar bear team has a lot of fantastic things. They

Red Dawn Review

Red Dawn Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson ¦ PG-13 ¦ ♦♦♦♦◊ By Dalton Thomas and Dallas Beveridge. Red Dawn is an all-round great movie directed by Dan Bradley. This movie was an original film made in 1984. They made a remake that

Take me home – Fans will remember forever

By Lily Mason & Grace Shalz. One Direction came out with a recent album called Take Me Home. Each and every song is unique and different, however you can tell they are all under the same album. They sold 540,000 copies

8th grade B-team loses their first game

By Danny Tafoya and Jarrod Biado. The 8th grade Football B-team is coached by Mr. Weiss and Mr. Hudson. Together they coach a team that did great. The team worked hard, played hard and overall had great sportsmanship. Grades were

What we actually do in E-pub.

By Molly Wagner. Have you ever wanted to write news stories for your school? Do you want to publish those stories on Do you want to have everyone at your school to read your stories? If you said yes

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

By Thomas Meade and Tyler Brownell. As many of you may know, on Sept. 21,2012, Apple released a new product, the Iphone 5, claiming that its the best one yet. But is it really, or have they taken it too

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Mackenzie Foy, Taylor Lautner ¦ Rated  PG-13  ¦ ♦♦♦♦◊ By Megan Liestman. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 came out on Nov. 16 at midnight. Kristen Stewart, who

Try a new language – Maybe Chinese?

By Molly Nyberg and Molly Wagner. When thinking about a new language to take in middle school, what comes in mind? Was Chinese one of those options? If not, maybe you would like to think about learning the language. Mrs.

Sodas in School… Why Not Allow It?

By Josh Minnick  A lot of schools in the world allow soda in school and some schools don’t allow soda in school. Should Mesa allow soda in school? I think that would be a good idea. Soda gives kids the

Personal student computers to carry around: Worthy of Mesa?

By MaryRose Axtell and Leslie Ayala The idea of students carrying their own computers around Mesa Middle School for class work instead of using the schools computers has been discussed  throughout the district. This has left students hanging.  Having computers would force

1st Amendment Video


Save the drama for Mrs. Enley

By Carly Dionisio Mrs.Enley is a really fun teacher.  Connect starts the morning off for her “squirrels.” On Fridays they have dance-day Fridays. It is the best. Bear hour is really fun, too. The “squirrels” dance, sing, and play games.

Caroleina the Fashionista

By Josie Rodrigue and Carly Dionisio  You have probably seen this colorful girl around, she’s Caroliena Neuans. She has her own sense of style. Caroliena invents her own outfits that are like no one else’s at Mesa. Caroliena is very