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World Language

By Nathan Jeffries and Adrian Tejada. World language is a class and the languages to learn about are French, Chinese or Spanish. In Spanish there are a lot of fiestas and big projects. Right now people in Spanish are making

Cimarron Track Meet

By Hailey Branstetter and Westyn Hubbard. On Mon. May 13, there was a track meet at Cimarron Middle School. It was one of the last track meets this year so all the students were anxious to do good. Students all

After school activities

By Bryce Tenney. Now that the track season is over, there are no after school activities. Some people like after school activities, and some don’t. The good parts of after school activities are that they get you involved, they can

The Boy Scouts of America

By Josh Kebel. One of the biggest hobbies out in the world, The Boy Scouts of America, or as most people know it as BSA. This was started by Robert Baden-Powell in 1910. A hundred years later with 2.5 million

Adios to Señor Granat

By Jason Forshee and Dylan Breaux.       Señor Granat is one of the five world language teachers here at Mesa. He has been teaching at Mesa for the past few years and is moving after this school year

Smoothies and other sugary drinks

By Bryce Tenney. There are many opinions about smoothies and sugary drinks at lunch. Some people want to keep them, but some want to get rid of them. The bad things about them are that they are unhealthy, expensive and

The Girl on Fire Burns On

By Barb Edwards, Witney Clippinger and  Julia Weis. By now, everyone knows the name Katniss Everdeen. The “Girl on Fire” took the nation by storm. After Suzanne Collins finished the bestseller trilogy, The Hunger Games, it took the nation by

Epub 7, a class to remember

By Adrien Schissler. This year, students all around Mesa enjoy their elective classes. These classes have a common purpose, to help students practice these class skills in reality. Of course every class has that common purpose, but the elective classes

No more school

By Kaitlin Paquin. The school year is finally over and everybody is excited for the summer time that they have been dying to have. All across the country teachers are finally getting of work and students are getting to have

Mesa’s Half Day

By Witney Clippinger and Julia Weis. Everyone at Mesa is aware that our last day of school, May 29, is a half day. For eighth graders it’s their chance to say goodbye to their teachers and classmates, for seventh graders

Tiana Tinari: The new president in town.

By Westyn Hubbard and Bryce Tenney. Recently, members of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) voted to see who would become the new NJHS president, and there was a lot of tension. But in the end one person became the president,

Eighth Grade Continuation 2013

By Christina Barnett, Taylor Cook and Reagan Hickey. Eighth grade continuation is a day that eighth graders look forward to all year. This year, it occurs on May 28, 2013, beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 9:30 AM. The

Mesa Yearbook Staff does the “Harlem Shake” to celebrate meeting all four deadlines so far

Street League Skateboarding

By Adrian Tejada and Evan Algra. Street League Skateboarding is a global competition with professional skateboarders from across the globe. Street League was originated by Rob Dyrdek who created this series in 2010. This event is televised by ESPN and

The facts about Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle ¦ PG-13 ¦ Our Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ Everyone knows about the new Iron Man 3 movie that recently came out. Critics say go and fans say it’s a must go. The movie is

Sports coming to a wrap for the 2012-2013 school year

By Barb Edwards and Witney Clippinger. The 2012-2013 school year is finally coming to a wrap at Mesa and sports were a huge part for the students. Sports started at the beginning of the year with cross-country and ended the

Does the weather effect our moods?

By Jill Bintner. On days when it is sunny and bright, the students at Mesa seem to be just that. However, what are we like on the snowy days? The rainy days? Mesa students, and nationwide doctors think that our

8th graders learn journalism skills in San Antonio

By Paige Joyce and Emily MacLean. Mesa’s 8th grade yearbook staff had the chance to got to San Antonio, Texas for a yearbook convention. Seven students, Emily MacLean, Paige Joyce, Audrey Menzer, Megan Gessner, Christina Barnett, Bella Ibrahim, Gillian Steininger,

Feelings about going to high school

By Paige Joyce and Emily MacLean. Going to high school can be scary, nerve racking, exciting, or the best time of your life; it’s all of what you make of it. Students will be going to a bigger school with

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth ¦ PG-13 ¦ Releasing Nov 2013 By Kasey Sloat and Jennifer Lopez. Most people have heard about The Hunger Games. And numerous people have either read the book or watched the

Transitions between grades

By Emily Zimmerer and Audrey Menzer. Even though middle school is only two years, both years have played an important role in student’s lives. Middle school is also known as junior high meaning it is just preparing students for being

The Manga/Anime Club

By Jonathan Van Egeren. There is a lot going on in Manga/Anime club.  This club is built to bring people with similar interests together to do what they enjoy doing.  In this case that would be anime.  In Anime club

Fantastic fitness finalists

By Jordan Acosta, Taylor Dodd and Megan Gessner. Throughout the year, all students participated in fitness tests in hope to qualify for the Fitness Finals. Tests include Jump Rope, Long Jump, Push Ups, Sit and Reach, Pacer, Partner Pacer, Mile,

Hobbies at Mesa

By Jill Bintner and Madison Woodall. There are a variety of students at Mesa. With all of these students, there comes a lot of different hobbies. Some of those include playing an instrument, cooking, art, or doing sports. Audrey Menzer

Otterbox Review

By Aaron Kim and Kaden Evans. The Otterbox case has grown popular to many iPhone users. But it doesn’t just protect iPhones but also other smart phones including Androids and Galaxy. With the Otterbox case it is hard to break


By Hayley Alexander, Camy Pierce and Madison Guccoine. Stop.The.Talk is a club that works together to bring an end to bullying. Their goal is to share the kindness and convince others from saying any kind or hurtful words to one

Ms Applebee: The great health teacher

By Westyn Hubbard and Bryce Tenney. Ms. Applebee is one of two of the 7th grade health teachers here at Mesa Middle School, and a lot of students like her. She has a unique way of teaching health, and always

The soccer unit in P.E.

By Stephen Thoemmes and Paul Tracy. The games begin.. the ball is launched, it turns up across the field. Perhaps it is everywhere all at once. There is a certain profound energy in each teams’ players. The game shall be

Featuring: The End

By Stephen Thoemmes and Paul Tracy. A world wintry, frozen in an ebon cold is found locked and dark; but there is light in the distance. Warmth rises out of a time locked in ice and snow- on comes Summer.

Resilience Café spoken word poetry presentations

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. In Ms. Laury’s first period Advanced Language Arts class in the Kodiak Pod, students were working on a new project unlike any other: spoken word poetry. Unlike most other poetry, spoken word poetry is