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By Adrian Tejada and Eli Herrera This story will get your homerunning. Baseball is well known and enjoyed in The United States Of America, but some people think it is too slow, boring, and too unsafe to be fun. Baseball is

Bacteria Unit

By Zach Rensch. During the last 2-3 weeks in the Atlas pod, Mr. Funk decided  for the bacteria unit to swab Mesa Middle School. The bacteria unit had a lot of fun events because Mr.Funk  helped us to think more like a scientist

Language Arts business plans

By Grace Malcolm and Cooper Davis. For the seventh grade team Polar the students worked hard for two weeks to create a proposal for investors and a business plan. Language Arts teacher on team Polar, Mrs. Hulley, gave the whole

Is there healthy food at Mesa?

By Grace Malcolm and Evan Algra. The amount of healthy food these days is slowly decreasing, as it has for some years now. We do have a small amount of healthy food here at Mesa. This is a major issue

Summer is coming

By Zach Rensch and Nick Pedersen. Summer is coming up soon and students and teachers are getting restless about it. They want it to come faster but  theres a couple of weeks left. This year has been long and tiring

Spanish Language at Mesa

By Evan Algra and Peyton Cronce. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the U.S. It takes up about 12.5% of the population. It is a commonly chosen elective here at Mesa. It is picked so much, Mesa

Mrs. Dalby

By Dylan Breaux and Hailey Branstetter. One of the most beloved teachers at Mesa is leaving the school. Mrs. Dalby, Kodiak science teacher, is amazing. She helps all the kids understand the lessons by going over everything in a way

Mrs. Hulley in Track

By Grace Malcolm and Hannah Patrick. As many of you know it’s track season. As people walked from class to class before track began many people murmured about if they were joining or not. Many of the students are working

Mrs. Smith is leaving Mesa?

By Adrien Schissler and Hannah Patrick. She’s the star of the school. She runs Mesa. And the news is about her future will shock you. That’s right, our school principal, Mrs. Smith is leaving our school. Many students enjoy our

Furry Scurry

By Cooper Davis and Westyn Hubbard. On May 4, 2013 at 9:00 A.M., many people will be lined up to begin a 2-mile walk starting at the Buddy Center, going all through Denver’s Washington Park, and then coming back to

The Battle of the Languages

By Paul Tracy and Stephen Thoemmes. In the world there are numerous languages to explore and learn. Many places to visit, many people to meet. But from an American perspective, which language is the best? Bound to each language there

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

By Bryce Tenney. On April 11, 12 and 13 at 7:00, a wonderful play called “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet” by Peter Bloedel, was performed. The story is about two groups of people called the Capitulates and the Monotones,

Writer’s Club at Mesa

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. Students type away on computers, scribbling furiously in notebooks. They hand out their writing for others to read silently, having it returned with smiles, laughs, and tears. If they’re brave enough, pieces are read

International Towne for Team Atlas

By Kasey Sloat and Jennifer Lopez. International Towne has been talked about a lot. It seems almost every student in the Atlas Pod is excited, but what is International Towne? Megan Smith describes International Towne as “A place where we

Connect at Mesa. Good or Bad?

By Grace Malcolm and Evan Algra. Four days a week, at the first fifteen minutes of the day, Mesa Middle School has “Connect” class. During this time, you will normally watch a news channel for middle schoolers called Channel One.

Costa Rica is the place to go!

By Blayn Masoner. There are 7 continents, 196 countries, and 4360 cities in the world. Everyone has a dream of going somewhere that’s new and exciting. Some might say China or Japan, some might say France or England. However, if

Beach Bash Summer Dance at Mesa

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. This week, Mesa students are becoming antsy because of an event this Thursday, on April 25th: the Beach Bash Summer Dance. It will have pumping, jamming beats that will make Mesa students want to