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Music Education hits all the right notes

By Sydney Stegeman. In our society, taxes are rising, school budgets are lowering and parents don’t have enough money for electives. I find that schools are always trying to find creative ways to pay salaries and satisfy their students needs.

Philanthropy Through Creativity Event

By Stephanie Stoner. Do you remember the last time you heard about a person who is suffering in another part of the world far away and wondered how you, as one person, can even begin to make a positive impact

Art class

By Mckenna Walter. In Art class you get to express your creativity and show off your art skills. Nobody judges you if you didn’t make the best sculpture or drawing. Art class is a place where you can really be

7th Grade Art at Mesa

By Scarlett Vilt and Sydney Stegeman. There are many elective classes at Mesa but art is one of the classes where you get to create radical projects and use your artistic abilities. “Art is fabulous,” said Chadley Chisholm. The art

Mesa Middle School’s Art Club

By Jaeleigh Dunning. Get involved in school. Join a club, like the art club. The art club meets on Thursdays from 2:45-3:30 in the art room. “We are going to do clay, make wands, we are going to paint, there is

Inside the Art Class

By Emilee Abbott and Devan Eagan. Students at Mesa Middle School have the option to pick what elective classes they might want for the school year. Many students like to sign up for art class. Several students who sign up

7th Grader Kaylee Schuler Receives 1st Place in Douglas County Art Show

By Megan Walsh and Stephen Thoemmes. With a profound ability for the skill she developed in only twelve years, seventh grader Kaylee Schuler sculpted, painted, and sketched her way right to the Douglas County School District Art Show, Rock the

Ideas take shape in Mrs. High’s art class

By Grace Shalz & Megan Liestman.   Mrs. High’s art class has been having a lot of fun this semester. They are having a lot of fun and doing amazing art projects. Anne Marie Kenny said “I like being in