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Bowling Team at Mesa?

By Joshua Minnick. Bowling isn’t a very popular sport. Bowling for most people is a sport for people to mess around with crazy shots. But do students think about bowling competitively? Some people bowl in tournaments and bowl in a

Select Choir 2014

By Harmony Slankard. With many hours of preparation, resting voices, drinking water, and getting a lot of sleep, students at Mesa were ready to audition and perform in front of Ms. Browning last fall to try to get a slot

Mesa’s Fencing Club

By Megan Walsh. Students lunge at each other with blades in their hands. They wear big, clunky helmets and thick white jackets as they expertly try to maneuver their way around the opponent’s blade to score a point closer to

The Polar Plunge

By Witney Clippinger and Tanner Pastorius. On March 8, Students went to the frozen Aurora Reservoir and jumped in, to raise money for Special Olympics. Mesa has participated in the Polar Plunge for a few years and many students seem


By Lauren Shields and Jessica Holle. NJHS is an after school club that helps students in academics and teaches them to participate in helping the community. Members of NJHS learn to develop leadership skills and work together. Since Mesa is

Mesa’s Got Talent

By Kelsey P. The Mesa Talent Show was a huge success. Students got to show their talent to fellow bears. Many students came to watch their friends, or just to see the show in general. The show went on without

NJHS – National Junior Honors Society

By Logan Caskey and J.P Pinon. Ever wonder how you could get into the college of your dreams? Well, there is something that could definitely improve the odds. There’s a special club that looks amazing on a college application, and

Mesa’s Select Choir

By Kristen Beasley. Come one come all to Mesa’s select choir. Ms. Browning started this audition-only choir that meets on Wednesdays from 2:50 to 4:00. Ms. Browning said she started the choir “because there is so much talent at Mesa,

Mesa Middle School’s Art Club

By Jaeleigh Dunning. Get involved in school. Join a club, like the art club. The art club meets on Thursdays from 2:45-3:30 in the art room. “We are going to do clay, make wands, we are going to paint, there is

Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother

By Sydney Stegeman. When putting together a production, people must go through many procedures and this process requires patience, dedication and hard work. This year, Mesa Middle School presents Cinderella and The Substitute Fairy Godmother. This play will be performed on

Getting Involved at Mesa

By Molly Jones and Kenneth Saunders. Do you want to maximize your middle school experience? Do you wish you were more involved at school? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join one of the clubs

The Manga/Anime Club

By Jonathan Van Egeren. There is a lot going on in Manga/Anime club.  This club is built to bring people with similar interests together to do what they enjoy doing.  In this case that would be anime.  In Anime club


By Hayley Alexander, Camy Pierce and Madison Guccoine. Stop.The.Talk is a club that works together to bring an end to bullying. Their goal is to share the kindness and convince others from saying any kind or hurtful words to one

Polar Plunge

By Hannah Armstrong, Gillian Steininger and Isabella Ibrahim. The Project Unify club celebrates the Polar Plunge annually. The Polar Plunge is a fundraiser that supports Special Olympics. Participants donate a minimum of fifty dollars and can either jump into the

Writer’s Club at Mesa

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. Students type away on computers, scribbling furiously in notebooks. They hand out their writing for others to read silently, having it returned with smiles, laughs, and tears. If they’re brave enough, pieces are read

Project Unify Playing Basketball

By Taylor Cook, Isabella Ibrahim and Gillian Steininger. Project Unify wasn’t just a club, but a group that brought all kinds of different students together. A big part of that group was integrating sports and physical activity to the lives

Challenge Me, if you dare!

By Adrien Schissler and Josh Kebel. Throughout the world, many people come across challenges every day. But every Monday in Mrs. Bache’s room at 2:45 after school, a group of Mesa students come and solve challenges that Mrs. Bache throws

Technology Student Association: The Tech club

By Thomas Meade Do you like technology? Than the TSA or Technology Student Association is perfect for you. It gives you opportunities such as video game design, architecture, software application, and many more. This club is after school and is

Homework Club

By Grant Mosal. Hey, Mesa, Do you wait till the last second to get your homework finished?  Do you get distracted while doing homework? Are you tired of getting in trouble because you aren’t turning homework in on time?  Are

Gamer Club: All Gamers Welcome

By Tyler Brownell. There are quite a few clubs at Mesa. Fishing club, NJHS, Student Council, and Manga/Anime club. Every club has a different purpose and goal. The purpose of Gamer club is to unite gamers from around the school

The NJHS food drive is here. Want to help out?

By Mikayla Paddock. Do you want to give back to your community? Here comes the perfect opportunity to take charge and be a part of something. NJHS is having their annual food drive, and they want you to be a part of it,

Is running for student council really what everyone thinks it is?

By Tyler Brownell Luma Murib was an 8th grade girl with a goal. A goal to run for Student Council. That goal has now become reality, for Luma is now the student council president and is very happy with the

Mikaria Widmer is elected for student council

By MaryRose Axtell and Ashley Smith   As the Presidential elections are heating up, Mesa Middle School just experienced their own elections, only it was for Student Council. Mikaria Widmer, a 7th grader on team Atlas, was elected to represent