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Advice for Upcoming Seventh Graders

By Faith Delp & Faith Newton. Most seventh graders were very scared or nervous about coming to Mesa. They were afraid of the eighth grades, teachers, classes, and much more. So this years seventh graders who are soon to be

Spring Dance

By Faith Delp. Mesa Middle School’s spring dance was here on March 24, 2014. There was pizza, soda, snow cones, popcorn and lots of other snacks too. Also, the Blush band and the Zack’s band played plenty of great music

Are seventh graders ready for eighth grade?

By Harmony Slankard. According to seventh and eighth graders, coming to Mesa was pretty scary and tough, but for others not so much. Meeting new people, going to a whole new school, and having more responsibility.The school year has gone

The Easter Bunny is coming

By  Faith Newton and Faith Delp. Grab your baskets, because its time to hunt for eggs. On April 20, the Easter Bunny is coming and he’s bringing lots of eggs with him. Easter is a great holiday for getting together

Sports at Mesa

By Mckenna Walter. A majority of students have played or are playing a sport here at Mesa. Playing a sport is a great way to stay active and having fun while doing it. Some people play a lot of sports

Art class

By Mckenna Walter. In Art class you get to express your creativity and show off your art skills. Nobody judges you if you didn’t make the best sculpture or drawing. Art class is a place where you can really be

Mesa’s Style

By Kalyn Knox & Mia Rice. All around Mesa kids wear different types of clothing. What people have said is that people look best in Hollister, Nike and American Eagle. The most purchased brand in the world is Nike and

NJHS – National Junior Honors Society

By Logan Caskey and J.P Pinon. Ever wonder how you could get into the college of your dreams? Well, there is something that could definitely improve the odds. There’s a special club that looks amazing on a college application, and

Mesa Olympics

By Maddie Frost and Izzy Jacobson. Who will take gold in the 1st annual Mesa Olympics? The bears competed for the title of being the gold medalist of Mesa. Most contestants competed purely because they thought it would be a

Flappy Bird Deletion

By Kalyn Knox and Mia Rice. In the span of 3 weeks, this app store game became a national sensation. This App is called Flappy Bird. This game is frustrating yet addicting at the same time. Most agreed that the

Spirit Week: A Big Hit

By Carrie Edwards. Spirit week was a big colorful, interesting hit when students went all out with crazy looks throughout the week.  From crazy hair to bright colored PJs, spirit week got students to show their school spirit for sure.

IB at Mesa

Kristin Basey and Gisele Lopez Mercado  International Baccalaureate or IB is a massive program at Mesa Middle School and it keeps the school running. Some students have opinions on what they think IB is, or what they like about it. “I

Bear Hour

By Brecken Story. On every Tuesday and Thursday of the week Mesa Middle School has Bear Hour. Bear Hour occurs from 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm. “I like Bear Hour because you can do homework and ask teachers for help,”

Mr. Weiss’s Talents

By Ashley Galligan and Molly Jones. Mr. Weiss, the math teacher for the Atlas Bears has a secret talent. He only shows his talent once a year to his math classes. If you’re absent that day, you’ll probably never even

No more school

By Kaitlin Paquin. The school year is finally over and everybody is excited for the summer time that they have been dying to have. All across the country teachers are finally getting of work and students are getting to have

Sports coming to a wrap for the 2012-2013 school year

By Barb Edwards and Witney Clippinger. The 2012-2013 school year is finally coming to a wrap at Mesa and sports were a huge part for the students. Sports started at the beginning of the year with cross-country and ended the

Ms Applebee: The great health teacher

By Westyn Hubbard and Bryce Tenney. Ms. Applebee is one of two of the 7th grade health teachers here at Mesa Middle School, and a lot of students like her. She has a unique way of teaching health, and always

Featuring: The End

By Stephen Thoemmes and Paul Tracy. A world wintry, frozen in an ebon cold is found locked and dark; but there is light in the distance. Warmth rises out of a time locked in ice and snow- on comes Summer.

Resilience Café spoken word poetry presentations

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. In Ms. Laury’s first period Advanced Language Arts class in the Kodiak Pod, students were working on a new project unlike any other: spoken word poetry. Unlike most other poetry, spoken word poetry is

The Yearbook is finally here

By Kaitlin Paquin. Soon the 2013 yearbook will be coming out and everybody is wondering who will be included in it and what will be featured in it. Students and staff here at Mesa are buzzing about the yearbook and

Do the Write Thing

Atlas Pod is participating in the “Do The Write Thing” essay contest. By Bryce Tenney. Some of the MMS A-Pod, Atlas students in the seventh grade, are participating in the “Do The Write Thing” essay contest. The essay contest was

Language Arts business plans

By Grace Malcolm and Cooper Davis. For the seventh grade team Polar the students worked hard for two weeks to create a proposal for investors and a business plan. Language Arts teacher on team Polar, Mrs. Hulley, gave the whole

Beach Bash Summer Dance at Mesa

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. This week, Mesa students are becoming antsy because of an event this Thursday, on April 25th: the Beach Bash Summer Dance. It will have pumping, jamming beats that will make Mesa students want to

The Rockin’ Boppin’ Beach Party

By Barb Edwards, Kaitlin Paquin and Julia Weis. As  you know, there was a dance on Thursday, April 25th. A lots of people went and many people were excited because the first one was exciting, fun, enjoyable, and just fantastic.

Spring Break

By Emily Moreau. Spring Break was the recess that all of the students were waiting for. The first breather we had from school since the new year. The weather was just warming up and we couldn’t contain our spring fever

Mr. Livingstone: New Teacher on the Block

By: Rachel Buswell. As many students at Mesa (including all of the Kodiak pod) know, the Kodiak pod has a new math teacher, Mr. Livingstone. Mr. Livingstone started at the beginning of the second semester, after Mrs. Shaw left to

An Amazing Teacher: Mrs. Singleton

By Kasey Sloat and Madison Mullens. Although teaching can be difficult at some points, there are teachers who go above and beyond with their work no matter what. One of those teachers is Mrs. Singleton, a french teacher who has

North Korea’s Threats

By Paul Tracy and Stephen Thoemmes. On the day of March 7th, 2013, North Korea threatened the U.S. again with a nuclear missile- they do that a lot. This is since we are their sworn enemy. And that is because

The biggest snow storm in February

By Paul Tracy. On Sat. Feb. 23, 2013 the dark menacing storm clouds started to gather. Then the snow started at a light pace and it got heavier and heavier and heavier. By the end of Sunday, there was a

7th Grader Kaylee Schuler Receives 1st Place in Douglas County Art Show

By Megan Walsh and Stephen Thoemmes. With a profound ability for the skill she developed in only twelve years, seventh grader Kaylee Schuler sculpted, painted, and sketched her way right to the Douglas County School District Art Show, Rock the