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Phones in School

By Lizzy Rich and Grace Shalz. This generation is filled with electronic devices that distract society. Everyday students bring their cell phones to the bus, to school, and to class. They always have their phone. The majority of teachers agree

YouTube or Vine, which is better?

By Faith Phillips. Ever heard of YouTube? Well it is one of the most popular social media sites ever. Some people just watch random videos, but others watch certain people called, “YouTubers”. YouTubers are people who upload videos frequently, say

Gum in School

By Mckenna Walter. Almost every student in school chews gum, even in classes where gum chewing isn’t allowed. Some students get caught and have to spit it out, while the sneakier people get lucky. In a few classes however, everyone

Bowling Team at Mesa?

By Joshua Minnick. Bowling isn’t a very popular sport. Bowling for most people is a sport for people to mess around with crazy shots. But do students think about bowling competitively? Some people bowl in tournaments and bowl in a

Apps (with video)

By Lauren Ceglia and Alex Domenico. Almost everyone knows that games are really popular, but which games are the most? According to the Play store ( an app store), these are the results that we found for the following categories;

The 2013-2014 Yearbook experience

By Joanna Fox and Grace Mickelsen. Many eighth grade students wanted to be in the Electronic Publications class, but only twenty nine were selected to be in Electronic Publications, which was also known as the Yearbook class. The action took

Music In School

By Anthony Story and Tanner Pastorius. From elementary to middle school, music has become more popular to listen to during class. Is music a distraction? Or is it a way to relieve students from stress and tension? What do teachers

Mesa Bear Challenge

By Jake Heintzelman and JD Ahrens. The Mesa Bear Challenge was held off for a long time and finally happened during Bear Hour. When kids heard about all the fun prizes and the ride in the hamster ball, this school

Should 7th graders be allowed to play tackle football at Mesa?

By Logan Caskey and Kyle Sterner. American football. The more modern version of it has been around since about 1918, and the first instance of football has been around since 1869. Football is an American icon, almost everyone loves watching

Music Education hits all the right notes

By Sydney Stegeman. In our society, taxes are rising, school budgets are lowering and parents don’t have enough money for electives. I find that schools are always trying to find creative ways to pay salaries and satisfy their students needs.

Stress at Mesa

By Carrie Edwards and Bailey Squire. Stress is proving to be very common at Mesa and it can have many forms such as relationship stress, grade stress, and social stress. In some of your classes you might be worried about

Do outfits affect our learning?

By Lydia Biery. Do you ever obsess about your outfit or someone else’s outfit? Brecken Story, Graycie Rosendahl and Bailey Squire have very interesting opinions about outfits, and how they may or may not affect our learning. Some people think

The Easter Bunny is coming

By  Faith Newton and Faith Delp. Grab your baskets, because its time to hunt for eggs. On April 20, the Easter Bunny is coming and he’s bringing lots of eggs with him. Easter is a great holiday for getting together

Continuation controversy

By Jessica Holle and Lauren Shields. The school year is coming to an end and eighth graders are frustrated that there may not be a continuation leading them into their high school life. Instead of a continuation ceremony, Mesa’s adminstration

Cafeteria Foods

By Lauren Shields & Jessica Holle. While some students bring home lunch, many of them also buy school lunch. There are many choices for students to pick from each day. There are also some foods that are there everyday that

April Fools’ Day

By Mckenna Walter. April Fools’ Day is all about pranking people. To start the day off, many of the students were tricked during the announcements. The announcements started off like they always do with the pledge of allegiance. Then, they

Is dating a good idea?

By Carrie Edwards. Many middle schoolers are in a relationship. But can relationships make you get bad grades? Can relationships make you lose some of your friends? Are relationships distractions, even? A relationship can be damaging or it can beneficial

Should we add a business class in middle school?

By Joshua Minnick. Middle School should allow students to take a business class. It will benefit them and their future. If any person wants to open a business and wants to handle their business, then there should be a business

Lockers in School

By Lydia Biery. It seems like every day students are complaining about how heavy their backpacks are and how its such a hassle to carry them around. What if we had lockers? Would things be better? Maddy Hickey, Madisen Orcutt

Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Rome 2 Creative Assembly ¦ Rated T for Teen ¦  ♦♦♦♦♦ ¦   Review by Tyler Brownell. Creative Assembly has once again released an amazing game to add to their popular Total War series. Total War: Rome 2, the seventh game

Extracurriculars: Good or Bad?

By Leyly Sakhatova and Megan Liestman. The Olympics have come and gone and have introduced a wave of talented athletes as young as 15. Most kids aspire to be one of those athletes up there competing and representing their country

Are kids spending too much time on social media?

By Faith Phillips. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Taking selfies, get on Instagram, get on YouTube, Twitter, We Heart It, Netflix, listen to music, hang out with friends, read, etc…? In this generation, people are constantly

Passing Periods at Mesa

By Mckenna Walter. Are the passing periods at Mesa Middle School too short? I’m an ordinary student here just like everyone else. And there are other kids in the school think the same thing. Some students have to get across

Should Gum be Allowed in School?

By Carrie Edwards. Every day, students walk the hall chewing gum. Some students think this is ok, but is it ok to spit their gum out and put it under desks and tables? That is one reason why some teachers

The Olympics in Russia: A good idea?

By Faith Delp & Trey Mitchell. Russia held this years winter Olympics. Some people don’t think that Russia was the best place to have the winter Olympics but others say it was a good place to host it. Here is

Elementary school to middle school : How does it feel?

By Zoey Triplett and Faith Phillips The transition from elementary school to middle school is one of the biggest school transitions you’ll ever make. Some people miss elementary and some people would never go back. Now that you’re in/going into

Spirit Week at Mesa Middle School

By Ally Langdon and Alex Domenico. Spirit week was colorful, fun, boring for some, and a creative week of being able to do things we wouldn’t do on a normal day. College wear on Monday, Crazy Hair day on Tuesday,

Phone use during school hours

By Logan Caskey and J.P. Pinon. Everyday, almost every kid in Mesa Middle brings a phone or an iPod, but is this really necessary? Many students don’t use their device for the right reasons. Instead of looking up a website

Valentine’s Day

By Faith Delp & Trey Mitchell.  Valentine’s Day has come and passed,  Valentine’s Day is where you can show your friends and your special someone how much you care about them.  As you know many people where excited and not

Hot Drinks in School

By Bailey Squire and Lydia Biery. Bringing hot drinks to school is a dilemma students have been facing for a while. Some people say that having coffee in school is a bad idea and some say that it is fine.