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Mesa’s 2014 Top Ten Board Competition

By Maddie Frost & Izzy Jacobson. The top ten board is one of the biggest competitions of the year for P.E. There are many reasons why people try to get on the top ten board. “I think it will give

Mesa’s 2014 track season

By Maddie Frost & Izzy Jacobson. With track being the last sport of the year many kids sign up for the thrill of running to the finish. “They will gain valuable experience with each meet and become the athletes they

Should 7th graders be allowed to play tackle football at Mesa?

By Logan Caskey and Kyle Sterner. American football. The more modern version of it has been around since about 1918, and the first instance of football has been around since 1869. Football is an American icon, almost everyone loves watching

Sports at Mesa

By Mckenna Walter. A majority of students have played or are playing a sport here at Mesa. Playing a sport is a great way to stay active and having fun while doing it. Some people play a lot of sports

7th grade boys basketball

By Zoey Triplett. The 7th grade boy’s basketball season is moving in with a bounce. Excitement was in the air, as we awaited the first game. Boys on the teams were even more excited. The four coaches, Mr. Weiss, Mr.

Derrick Rose – “The Retorn”

By Kenneth Saunders and Joseph Vezzani. Derrick ran down the court. He was trying to escape from the pressure of Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. The two players collided together and Rose crumples to the floor. The Chicago

Seventh Grade Girls Volleyball: A Good Experience

By Hanna Graber and Morgan Hirsch. Volleyball for seventh grade has since ended, but, how did the actual season go? Did everyone have fun? Will the players play again next year, or will they try another sport instead? Alexa Rodriguez,

Basketball Season

By Sammy Padilla, Carlos Ceron, and Joseph Montoya. The 7th grade basketball season for boys is going to be great the 7th grade boys and girls are going to have a good season. The basketball season is already started for

7th Grade Flag Football

By Brynnley Bunker and Calli Spradlin. There are many 7th grade flag football players, but the main focus is on Braden Finley, Andi Herrera and Sammy Padilla. Braden Finley’s coach was Mr. Mosby. “My coach kind of  helps me out

Flag Football at Mesa Middle School

By Sammy Padilla, Carlos Ceron and Joseph Montoya. The 7th grade Flag Football season’s last game was on Oct. 24, 2013. There were 4 teams: Mrs.Parks, Mr. Sikora, Mr.Hudson, and Mr. Mosby were all good teams. The records for each

Elizabeth Baker shows that girls can play tackle football

By Andi Herrera  and Logan Griffith. Have you ever seen a girl play tackle football? Have you ever thought that tackle football is a boy’s sport? On Aug. 13, Elizabeth Baker joined the sport along with the other boys and

Cross Country

By Brecken Story. With excitement, the runners were off and the cross country season was started. In the Cross Country season there were six meets; three home and three away. One of the hardest meets the team competed in was against Castle Rock


By Grace Smith. The volleyball season just started at Mesa Middle School, and 7th grade girls are trying out from  including Scarlett Vilt, Miranda Wells and Abbigayle Ford. About 85 7th grade girls tried out on Sept. 16, 2013, and by

Getting Involved at Mesa

By Molly Jones and Kenneth Saunders. Do you want to maximize your middle school experience? Do you wish you were more involved at school? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join one of the clubs

Mesa volleyball teams get ready to play their first game

By Brynnley Bunker and Calli Spradlin. On the Mesa volleyball court, everybody tries their hardest. Especially Daniela Arenas, Jasmine Ferdowsian and the C-team’s coach, Coach Hulley. Daniela Arenas, 7th grader, is on the C-team for volleyball. “I like volleyball because

Districts for Cross Country

By Morgan Hirsch and Hanna Graber. Bam. The 8th grade varsity team was off and running with a good start, as Lina Carrales was sprinting to the finish line. The 7th grade varsity team was waiting for the gun to

Cimarron Track Meet

By Hailey Branstetter and Westyn Hubbard. On Mon. May 13, there was a track meet at Cimarron Middle School. It was one of the last track meets this year so all the students were anxious to do good. Students all

Sports coming to a wrap for the 2012-2013 school year

By Barb Edwards and Witney Clippinger. The 2012-2013 school year is finally coming to a wrap at Mesa and sports were a huge part for the students. Sports started at the beginning of the year with cross-country and ended the


By Adrian Tejada and Eli Herrera This story will get your homerunning. Baseball is well known and enjoyed in The United States Of America, but some people think it is too slow, boring, and too unsafe to be fun. Baseball is

Do You Have What It Takes? Mesa’s Top Athletes.

By Emilee Abbott and Hannah Armstrong. The sports at Mesa Middle School are a big part of everyday life for Mesa student’s. Most kids in the student population have gone out for sports and work hard to succeed at each

Daytona 500

By Miguel Guajardo. Jimmie Johnson performed outstanding in the Daytona 500 race. On Feb.23 he pulled in the win and as Josh Kebel said “he deserved to win because it was his 5th win in a row.” Who is the

Avalanche vs. Wild

By Kaitlin Paquin. On Sat., March 16, 2013 the Minnesota Wild came to the Pepsi Center to play against the Colorado Avalanche. This game was very interesting and entertaining for all the people who tuned in on Saturday afternoon. The

7th Grade Girls Basketball Tryouts

By Molly Nyberg and Ana Vier Mesa Middle School’s 7th grade girls basketball tryouts have started. With over 30 people at tryouts and 4 teams total, this season is starting off great.There will be one A-team, one B-team, and two

Mesa Scurry

Mesa Scurry By Lily Mason and Heaven Thomas  The Mesa scurry fundraiser was held on Nov. 2, 2012 and it was outstanding and exciting as planned. The students had 15 minutes to run as many laps as they could. If

A-team’s volleyball setters stories

By Ana Vier and Molly Nyberg.  7th grade A-team volleyball setters, Lauren Shields and Reagan Houser, each started playing for different reasons. Reagan played because all of her siblings started playing, so she thought it would be fun. Lauren said

Sprinting for the finish line

By Thomas Meade. This fall seventh and eighth grade student-athletes participated in Cross Country. The Mesa cross country team fought hard and pushed themselves to get the best runs they could. Their effort was great and it lead them to

LaCombe’s team game against Cimarron

By Tyler Brownell. The game between LaCombe’s flag football team and the Cimarron Colts was close. Even though the bears played great defense, the Colts’ offense was just too much. The score at the end of the game was Colts,

B-Team Volleyball stomps opponent

By Ana Vier and Josie Rodrigue. An exciting win for the B-team had everyone thrilled. The most important thing about the game was the superb teamwork. The girls gave 100% through the whole game. Their great teamwork won them the

Another win for the Terminators

By Molly Wagner and Carly Dionisio. The 7th grade Mesa volleyball players played their second game of the season at Cresthill Middle School on Oct. 1 2012. The Terminators (C1’s team name) just barely won their game with a lot

Team Sikora’s victory over Cresthill

By Dalton Thomas. The flag football game between The Mesa Bears and the Crest Hill Wildcats was a good game.  Both teams competed and played great football.  Play by play, the bears found a way to get the ball down