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7th grade boys basketball

By Zoey Triplett. The 7th grade boy’s basketball season is moving in with a bounce. Excitement was in the air, as we awaited the first game. Boys on the teams were even more excited. The four coaches, Mr. Weiss, Mr.

Basketball Season

By Sammy Padilla, Carlos Ceron, and Joseph Montoya. The 7th grade basketball season for boys is going to be great the 7th grade boys and girls are going to have a good season. The basketball season is already started for

7th Grade Girls Basketball Tryouts

By Molly Nyberg and Ana Vier Mesa Middle School’s 7th grade girls basketball tryouts have started. With over 30 people at tryouts and 4 teams total, this season is starting off great.There will be one A-team, one B-team, and two