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7th Grade Flag Football

By Brynnley Bunker and Calli Spradlin. There are many 7th grade flag football players, but the main focus is on Braden Finley, Andi Herrera and Sammy Padilla. Braden Finley’s coach was Mr. Mosby. “My coach kind of  helps me out

Flag Football at Mesa Middle School

By Sammy Padilla, Carlos Ceron and Joseph Montoya. The 7th grade Flag Football season’s last game was on Oct. 24, 2013. There were 4 teams: Mrs.Parks, Mr. Sikora, Mr.Hudson, and Mr. Mosby were all good teams. The records for each

Getting Involved at Mesa

By Molly Jones and Kenneth Saunders. Do you want to maximize your middle school experience? Do you wish you were more involved at school? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join one of the clubs

LaCombe’s team game against Cimarron

By Tyler Brownell. The game between LaCombe’s flag football team and the Cimarron Colts was close. Even though the bears played great defense, the Colts’ offense was just too much. The score at the end of the game was Colts,

Team Sikora’s victory over Cresthill

By Dalton Thomas. The flag football game between The Mesa Bears and the Crest Hill Wildcats was a good game.  Both teams competed and played great football.  Play by play, the bears found a way to get the ball down

Team Mandrioli’s roaring win against the Cresthill Cougars.

By Joshua Minnick and Ashley Frasersmith   On Oct. 1st, the flag football team coached by Mr.Mandrioli had a 26-13 successful win against the Cresthill Cougars. Caleb Smith scored the first touchdown of the game. It was his first of