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Mesa’s 2014 Top Ten Board Competition

By Maddie Frost & Izzy Jacobson. The top ten board is one of the biggest competitions of the year for P.E. There are many reasons why people try to get on the top ten board. “I think it will give

Military Gala

By Joanna Fox and Lizzy Rich. The Grizzly Bears will be hosting a Military Gala for the veterans and current Military soldiers, so they can show the Military guest their appreciation and contributions to our country. The Military Gala is

Expressing Through Electives

By Tessa Smith and Marissa Herrington. The core classes math, science, humanities, language arts, and health/PE were mandatory, but elective classes gave students the chance to express themselves and try new things. Some of the elective classes included the arts, Choir,

Should 7th graders be allowed to play tackle football at Mesa?

By Logan Caskey and Kyle Sterner. American football. The more modern version of it has been around since about 1918, and the first instance of football has been around since 1869. Football is an American icon, almost everyone loves watching

Is Bear Hour useful?

By Bailey Squire There has not been a story about Bear Hour in a year so it is time to see what the new seventh graders think. Conor Crawford, Tristen McConnell, Allie Korenic, and Jillian Hagans use their Bear Hour

Ms. Paul is an amazing teacher

By Thomas Markham and Jose Whitehouse. Ms. Paul is a new teacher here at Mesa and she is doing an amazing job. People in the Atlas pod love her and think she did an amazing job for her first year

Glacier Field Trip

By Rebecca Mills. In order to help students get active and involved, the Glacier team took a field trip not far from Mesa itself. Students were split up into several groups with either a teacher or a volunteer parent. Then

Spirit Week at Mesa Middle School

By Ally Langdon and Alex Domenico. Spirit week was colorful, fun, boring for some, and a creative week of being able to do things we wouldn’t do on a normal day. College wear on Monday, Crazy Hair day on Tuesday,

Atlas and Kodiak bears visit Denver Zoo

By Kelsey P. The Denver Zoo has always been a hit. Team Atlas and Team Kodiak took a visit there for science class, in order to learn about an endangered species. They chose a variety of different animals that are

Willy Wonka Jr. is leaving the chocolate factory and coming to Mesa

 By Faith Phillips and Zoey Triplett. Who is excited for Willy Wonka Jr.? You should be, because Willy Wonka Jr. will be walking down the red carpet to the Mesa stage on April 10th-12th, so be sure to get your

Are teens geting enough sleep? What does social networking have to do with that?

By Harmony Slankard and Lauren Ceglia. Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Vine, Tumblr are all social networks used by students. Is technology getting in the way of schoolwork? Not getting enough sleep to be ready for the day leaves us exhausted, not

Which 7th grade pod has the best teachers?

By Ashley Galligan. Every 7th grade pod at Mesa has different teachers that teach in different ways. Everyone has their own opinion on which teacher they think is the best, but it is finally time to ask and find out

Atlas’s Hot Chocolate Party

By Jaeleigh Dunning. At Mesa, all the pods compete in getting points for their team. Sometimes it’s dressing up and sometimes it is donating something. Atlas came victorious for the first point competition, for a party in their pod on

Spanish stories in Mrs. Bower’s class

By Kenneth Saunders and Nick Fryhover. What rhymes with sour grass and reads Spanish stories to 3rd graders? Mrs. Bower’s class! Yes that’s right, On Nov. 19, 2013 Mrs. Bower’s 1st and 6th period classes went to Castle Rock Elementary

Basketball Season

By Sammy Padilla, Carlos Ceron, and Joseph Montoya. The 7th grade basketball season for boys is going to be great the 7th grade boys and girls are going to have a good season. The basketball season is already started for

Mesa Bear Challenge

By Noah Johnson and Braden Finley. These are exciting times at Mesa, Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Mesa Bear challenge is just right around the corner. The new Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has created a warrior dash on the

NJHS food drive

By Braden Finley. Some may say that the Mesa food drive, which is supported by the NJHS, could be a great way to give back to the community. “I think that it is important to have the Mesa food drive

Mr. Weiss’s Talents

By Ashley Galligan and Molly Jones. Mr. Weiss, the math teacher for the Atlas Bears has a secret talent. He only shows his talent once a year to his math classes. If you’re absent that day, you’ll probably never even

Slam Poetry

By Sydney Bridgman and Allie Korenic.   Many people write poetry and wish to share it, but not very many people have the opportunity to. On Oct. 29, at 2pm, in the commons, the winners of Mrs. Hulley’s classes went and

Dissections at Mesa

By Scarlett Vilt and Sydney Stegeman. On Oct. 8, 9, and 10 the Kodiak team dissected frogs in science. On Oct. 22 and 23 Atlas pod also dissected frogs. On Nov. 8 the glacier pod may dissect preserved pigs and

World Language

By Braden Finley and Joseph Vezzani. There are three different world language courses offered at Mesa: Chinese, Spanish and French. There are eight teachers total which makes five Spanish teachers, two French teachers and one Chinese teacher. The most popular

Getting Involved at Mesa

By Molly Jones and Kenneth Saunders. Do you want to maximize your middle school experience? Do you wish you were more involved at school? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should join one of the clubs

Eighth Grade Continuation 2013

By Christina Barnett, Taylor Cook and Reagan Hickey. Eighth grade continuation is a day that eighth graders look forward to all year. This year, it occurs on May 28, 2013, beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 9:30 AM. The

Mesa Yearbook Staff does the “Harlem Shake” to celebrate meeting all four deadlines so far

Featuring: The End

By Stephen Thoemmes and Paul Tracy. A world wintry, frozen in an ebon cold is found locked and dark; but there is light in the distance. Warmth rises out of a time locked in ice and snow- on comes Summer.

Resilience Café spoken word poetry presentations

By Rachel Buswell and Megan Walsh. In Ms. Laury’s first period Advanced Language Arts class in the Kodiak Pod, students were working on a new project unlike any other: spoken word poetry. Unlike most other poetry, spoken word poetry is

Do the Write Thing

Atlas Pod is participating in the “Do The Write Thing” essay contest. By Bryce Tenney. Some of the MMS A-Pod, Atlas students in the seventh grade, are participating in the “Do The Write Thing” essay contest. The essay contest was

The Sun Bears take a field trip

By Jordan Acosta, Taylor Dodd and Megan Gessner. Although each team has their own experiences, the Sun Bears were involved with a unique field trip to the Fairgrounds on September 20-21. The field trip taught the students to be open-minded

Bacteria Unit

By Zach Rensch. During the last 2-3 weeks in the Atlas pod, Mr. Funk decided  for the bacteria unit to swab Mesa Middle School. The bacteria unit had a lot of fun events because Mr.Funk  helped us to think more like a scientist

Summer is coming

By Zach Rensch and Nick Pedersen. Summer is coming up soon and students and teachers are getting restless about it. They want it to come faster but  theres a couple of weeks left. This year has been long and tiring