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Mesa’s 2014 Top Ten Board Competition

By Maddie Frost & Izzy Jacobson. The top ten board is one of the biggest competitions of the year for P.E. There are many reasons why people try to get on the top ten board. “I think it will give

Should 7th graders be allowed to play tackle football at Mesa?

By Logan Caskey and Kyle Sterner. American football. The more modern version of it has been around since about 1918, and the first instance of football has been around since 1869. Football is an American icon, almost everyone loves watching

Is Bear Hour useful?

By Bailey Squire There has not been a story about Bear Hour in a year so it is time to see what the new seventh graders think. Conor Crawford, Tristen McConnell, Allie Korenic, and Jillian Hagans use their Bear Hour

Are teens geting enough sleep? What does social networking have to do with that?

By Harmony Slankard and Lauren Ceglia. Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Vine, Tumblr are all social networks used by students. Is technology getting in the way of schoolwork? Not getting enough sleep to be ready for the day leaves us exhausted, not

Mesa Bear Challenge

By Noah Johnson and Braden Finley. These are exciting times at Mesa, Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Mesa Bear challenge is just right around the corner. The new Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has created a warrior dash on the

NJHS food drive

By Braden Finley. Some may say that the Mesa food drive, which is supported by the NJHS, could be a great way to give back to the community. “I think that it is important to have the Mesa food drive

Eighth Grade Continuation 2013

By Christina Barnett, Taylor Cook and Reagan Hickey. Eighth grade continuation is a day that eighth graders look forward to all year. This year, it occurs on May 28, 2013, beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 9:30 AM. The

Ms. Cordes: The one who Makes P.E fun

 By Ana Vier and Ashley Frasersmith Ms.Cordes is a P.E. teacher for the Polar Bear team and Panda Bear team. She is the teacher that is fun, active, athletic, and much more. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.