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Expressing Through Electives

By Tessa Smith and Marissa Herrington. The core classes math, science, humanities, language arts, and health/PE were mandatory, but elective classes gave students the chance to express themselves and try new things. Some of the elective classes included the arts, Choir,

Spanish stories in Mrs. Bower’s class

By Kenneth Saunders and Nick Fryhover. What rhymes with sour grass and reads Spanish stories to 3rd graders? Mrs. Bower’s class! Yes that’s right, On Nov. 19, 2013 Mrs. Bower’s 1st and 6th period classes went to Castle Rock Elementary

Mesa Bear Challenge

By Noah Johnson and Braden Finley. These are exciting times at Mesa, Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Mesa Bear challenge is just right around the corner. The new Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has created a warrior dash on the

NJHS food drive

By Braden Finley. Some may say that the Mesa food drive, which is supported by the NJHS, could be a great way to give back to the community. “I think that it is important to have the Mesa food drive

World Language

By Braden Finley and Joseph Vezzani. There are three different world language courses offered at Mesa: Chinese, Spanish and French. There are eight teachers total which makes five Spanish teachers, two French teachers and one Chinese teacher. The most popular

Summer is coming

By Zach Rensch and Nick Pedersen. Summer is coming up soon and students and teachers are getting restless about it. They want it to come faster but  theres a couple of weeks left. This year has been long and tiring

The Battle of the Languages

By Paul Tracy and Stephen Thoemmes. In the world there are numerous languages to explore and learn. Many places to visit, many people to meet. But from an American perspective, which language is the best? Bound to each language there

Spanish II at Mesa

By Julia Weis.  ¡Hola! Here at Mesa Middle School, there are many gifted individuals that attend this school. Those students may have a strong suit in math or science, others however, are doing exceptionally well in Spanish. A handful of

April Fools in the French Culture

By Barb Edwards. Here in America we celebrate April Fools Day by playing pranks. “I put toothpaste in my brothers oreo and he ate it without knowing,” said Ellli Zimmer. Well, happy Poisson d’Avril, which means Happy April Fish. Over

An Amazing Teacher: Mrs. Singleton

By Kasey Sloat and Madison Mullens. Although teaching can be difficult at some points, there are teachers who go above and beyond with their work no matter what. One of those teachers is Mrs. Singleton, a french teacher who has

Try a new language – Maybe Chinese?

By Molly Nyberg and Molly Wagner. When thinking about a new language to take in middle school, what comes in mind? Was Chinese one of those options? If not, maybe you would like to think about learning the language. Mrs.

National French Week at Mesa Middle School

By Emily Southall. This year Madame Sternberg a seventh and eighth grade French teacher, has decided to participate in “National French Week”. There will be students doing the pledge of allegiance in French, and things like the bathrooms and classrooms

Señor Granat’s Classes celebrate Day of the Dead

By Josh Minnick and Dallas Beveridge. Whenever Halloween rolls around, it’s a different holiday in all Latin American countries called Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. In Spanish the Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition

Madame Singleton: Grande Professeur

By Haley Brown and MaryRose Axtell. Grande Professeur, meaning Great Teacher, is practically a synonym for Madame Singleton. Madame Singleton is a French teacher at Mesa Middle School. She teaches French in the downstairs pod in the classroom know as

Mr. Escobosa inspires through his experiences

By Leslie Ayala. Most everybody wants to speak two languages and students learn the language by the teachers actions or teaching style. Mr. Escobosa is one of the Spanish teachers and his teaching style is unique. Ever since Mr. Escobosa