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Divergent movie review

Divergent Shailene Woodley, Theo James ¦ PG-13 ¦ ♦♦♦♦◊ Reviewed by Logan Caskey. Divergent takes place in a futuristic post-war Chicago, where the citizens are kept inside the walls to protect them from the unknown dangers of the outside world, and the citizens

Inspire club aims to stop bullying

By Ally Langdon and JP Pinon.  Inspire is a group to stop bullying and self-harm. Inspire stands for Independent, Noticeable, Strong, Pretty, Intelligent, Respected, and Acceptable. “I made this group because I’ve had so many close friends self-harm their wrist

Should Instagram be blocked from the wifi?

By Kyle Sterner. One of the biggest topics here at Mesa is whether Instagram should be blocked from the wifi. This idea has been talked about around the school for the whole year. Instagram is a social website that allows you

Willy Wonka Reveiw

By Carrie Edwards. The cast of Willy Wonka put on a show for Mesa students in the Black and Gold theater. There were amazing performances, great acting and hilarious jokes. Through the week, the cast had been very excited about

Favorite core classes

By Kalyn Knox and Zoey Triplett. Core classes. Everyone has them, but not everyone likes all of them. Some people like Math, some people like Science, some like Humanities or Language Arts, and others like P.E. “I personally like Math

The Easter Bunny is coming

By  Faith Newton and Faith Delp. Grab your baskets, because its time to hunt for eggs. On April 20, the Easter Bunny is coming and he’s bringing lots of eggs with him. Easter is a great holiday for getting together

Sports at Mesa

By Mckenna Walter. A majority of students have played or are playing a sport here at Mesa. Playing a sport is a great way to stay active and having fun while doing it. Some people play a lot of sports

Do you want to help a wounded warrior?

By Kelsey P. Freedom Service Dogs is an organization that trains dogs, in order to help the wounded warriors of our country. What’s amazing about this organization, is that every single dog there came from either a shelter or a

Spread the Word to End the Word

By Logan Caskey and Harmony Slankard. Have you ever seen or heard someone call another person retarded? Did you confront that person and tell them that the R- word is offensive? Spread the Word to End the Word is a

Ms. Paul is an amazing teacher

By Thomas Markham and Jose Whitehouse. Ms. Paul is a new teacher here at Mesa and she is doing an amazing job. People in the Atlas pod love her and think she did an amazing job for her first year

Are kids becoming dependent on technology?

By Cami McQueen. Over the years technology has become more and more popular to adults, children and even students in school. However, the rapid growth in popularity has sparked a worry among many people. Will children become dependent on technology

Substitute teachers at Mesa

By Jake Heintzelman and JD Ahrens Many people would agree that substitute teachers are taken advantage of by students, allowing the students to mess around, and not do their work. Although there are some students like this, other students stay


By Lauren Shields and Jessica Holle. NJHS is an after school club that helps students in academics and teaches them to participate in helping the community. Members of NJHS learn to develop leadership skills and work together. Since Mesa is

Cafeteria Foods

By Lauren Shields & Jessica Holle. While some students bring home lunch, many of them also buy school lunch. There are many choices for students to pick from each day. There are also some foods that are there everyday that

April Fools’ Day

By Mckenna Walter. April Fools’ Day is all about pranking people. To start the day off, many of the students were tricked during the announcements. The announcements started off like they always do with the pledge of allegiance. Then, they

What were your plans for spring break?

By Candice Brown and Mikayla Hylton. Spring break was a time to get away from classes, homework and studies. It was a time to relax and hangout with all of your friends. So, what were your plans for this year’s

Review of The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie ¦ Rated PG ¦ ♦♦♦♦♦ Reviewed by Kelsey P. The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, who plays Emmet, Elizabeth Banks, who plays Wyldstyle, and Alison Brie, who plays Unikitty, made $69

Is dating a good idea?

By Carrie Edwards. Many middle schoolers are in a relationship. But can relationships make you get bad grades? Can relationships make you lose some of your friends? Are relationships distractions, even? A relationship can be damaging or it can beneficial

The Ecuador and Galapagos Islands trip

By Zoey Triplett. Have you ever wanted to go out of the country and experience new cultures and species? Well, seven students a few teachers signed up to go on the trip of a lifetime. They are going to Ecuador

Art class

By Mckenna Walter. In Art class you get to express your creativity and show off your art skills. Nobody judges you if you didn’t make the best sculpture or drawing. Art class is a place where you can really be

Lockers in School

By Lydia Biery. It seems like every day students are complaining about how heavy their backpacks are and how its such a hassle to carry them around. What if we had lockers? Would things be better? Maddy Hickey, Madisen Orcutt

Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Rome 2 Creative Assembly ¦ Rated T for Teen ¦  ♦♦♦♦♦ ¦   Review by Tyler Brownell. Creative Assembly has once again released an amazing game to add to their popular Total War series. Total War: Rome 2, the seventh game

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

By Lauren Ceglia and Alexandrea Domenico. On Monday March 17, St. Patrick’s Day arrived. During that day everyone must wear green or people will pinch you from morning till night. This day had its highlights but it also had its hiccups. Every year

Mesa’s Got Talent

By Kelsey P. The Mesa Talent Show was a huge success. Students got to show their talent to fellow bears. Many students came to watch their friends, or just to see the show in general. The show went on without

Mesa’s Style

By Kalyn Knox & Mia Rice. All around Mesa kids wear different types of clothing. What people have said is that people look best in Hollister, Nike and American Eagle. The most purchased brand in the world is Nike and

Extracurriculars: Good or Bad?

By Leyly Sakhatova and Megan Liestman. The Olympics have come and gone and have introduced a wave of talented athletes as young as 15. Most kids aspire to be one of those athletes up there competing and representing their country

Are kids spending too much time on social media?

By Faith Phillips. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Taking selfies, get on Instagram, get on YouTube, Twitter, We Heart It, Netflix, listen to music, hang out with friends, read, etc…? In this generation, people are constantly

Passing Periods at Mesa

By Mckenna Walter. Are the passing periods at Mesa Middle School too short? I’m an ordinary student here just like everyone else. And there are other kids in the school think the same thing. Some students have to get across

7th grade boys basketball

By Zoey Triplett. The 7th grade boy’s basketball season is moving in with a bounce. Excitement was in the air, as we awaited the first game. Boys on the teams were even more excited. The four coaches, Mr. Weiss, Mr.

Why do we have to get up early?

By Jose Whitehouse and Thomas Markham. With school times starting so early scientist have discovered that it is almost impossible for kids to get a healthy amount of sleep, according to There are pros and cons to waking up