International Towne for Team Atlas

By Kasey Sloat and Jennifer Lopez.

International Towne has been talked about a lot. It seems almost every student in the Atlas Pod is excited, but what is International Towne? Megan Smith describes International Towne as “A place where we learn how the US works with other countries.”

The main idea of International Towne is to teach students about what goes on in the real world between different countries. Countries like England, Costa Rica, Finland and Ghana.

The creators of International Towne picked only countries that had something interesting about them. For example, Germany is known for their music because its the place where they have the DJ play favorite songs. Costa Rica is the rainforest area with the flower souvenirs that the greenhouse attendants make.

What item or souvenir will be most popular in International Towne? Atlas Pod members like Isabel Del Valle said, “The piña colada,” would be most popular. “I think China’s green tea will be most popular”, said Megan Smith. Also Kelsey Fox stated that the “slushies in Mexico” will be the most popular item.

Each country has a president, a Customs Agent, a Finance Minister and other workers that make the souvenirs or do the activities. During the hours of International Towne work time, each of these people will do their job and will get payed for it down the road.

During the few minutes of their break from their job, each student will need to visit every country to get a country stamp and do the activity that is provided there. It is not required to buy an item from each country, but at any point during the break, getting a souvenir from at least your favorite country would be a good idea.

It also isn’t required to spend all your money, but it is encouraged. Megan Smith said, “No, I think I will not spend most of my money.” There are those types of people who don’t have self control and will spend most or all of their money like Mr. Weiss, the Atlas math teacher.

International Towne can teach this young age group about country unity. As well as working well with others. Within their assigned countries, students have to work with each other to make the country run smoothly. To get certain tasks done and other important duties. The most important thing to remember when going through this experience, is to have fun.

Overall, participating in this activity would be a lively involvement. It is obvious to see why the Atlas Pod would be excited to go to International Towne, they’ve heard from other students that International Towne it is in fact great fun. Hopefully they didn’t give too much away because you have to see for yourself. But always remember not to chew gum or anything else unwise while you’re there, or else you’ll be put into International Towne jail.