Mesa’s Half Day

By Witney Clippinger and Julia Weis.

Everyone at Mesa is aware that our last day of school, May 29, is a half day. For eighth graders it’s their chance to say goodbye to their teachers and classmates, for seventh graders it will just be a fun and exciting last day of school. On the last day there is a different schedule than normal but it should be fun.

On that day, students will get out at 10:35 instead of 2:45. For seventh graders classes will be 15-20 minutes each. In class, the seventh graders will be signing yearbooks and visiting each other for most of the duration of the day.

During the last hour or so, seventh graders will be able to travel to other teams to visit each other, sign yearbooks,and say goodbye for the long awaited summer vacation. Seventh grade student Sophie Kennan said, “the school year is going too slow.”

During that last hour, students will be allowed to wander throughout the school and sign yearbooks with other people in other pods. This is a new thing, because most students do not travel to other pods very often. Is this a good idea or bad? Will it be fun? Sophie Kennan said. “Yes, because I get to go to other pods,” and Jake Heintzelman said. “Yes because it is warm and I can go outside,” As you can see, the half day will be a hit.

So much is going to change in the 2013/2014 school year. The eldest of the school, the eighth graders, are going on to high school, and new seventh graders will filter in from other neighboring elementary schools, such as Rock Ridge, Castle Rock Elementary and many more.

This was a great year for students and, hopefully, next year will be even better. All of the teachers are excited for the new students and the seventh graders are excited for summer and to return and be eighth graders.