The Rockin’ Boppin’ Beach Party

By Barb Edwards, Kaitlin Paquin and Julia Weis.

As  you know, there was a dance on Thursday, April 25th. A lots of people went and many people were excited because the first one was exciting, fun, enjoyable, and just fantastic. Due to the smashing success of the first dance, the student council decided to host another; a beach themed dance. Also, a lot of students were going because they were bringing a big group of friends. “My friends are going,” said Carly Dionisio.

The first dance was a big hit with the light show, incredible  food, and an extraordinary choice of music selections.  Many people attended the dance and it was a success for the Mesa, raising a lot of money and a reason to come to the next one. With the last dance’s Winter theme this one is bigger better and is stirring up the excitement for summer.

The students at Mesa were expecting a lot of the things that were at the first dance. “Pumping music and good food,” said Julia Hughes, stating what she wanted at the dance.

The student council has worked hard and  put a lot of time and effort into all of the aspects of both dances. They  worked hard for the extravagant decorations, a good DJ and a spectacular light show. All of the students were buzzing with excitement in all three lunch periods before the big dance.

The dance had many unique and exciting attributes, like the tickets. Rather than using traditional tickets, the student council came up with the idea of using flower leis. The leis also were used as free advertising to make even more people want to come and join the party.

As the day winded down, the anticipation rose. The students wanting to go to the dance, went outside to wait as the student council finished the preparation. The students waited outside for about ten minutes, and then, the fun began.

The music was loud and there was a lot of dancing. The students enjoyed the wonderful decorations that made the dance have a spring feeling. “I like the balloons,” said Carly Dionisio.

Also there were many more people than the first dance which is a great thing for the school.

Food was not a problem at all. There was a large amount of pizza for every student to have a piece if they wanted and the concessions were a great addition to the party. The student council came up with a great idea to stay in control with the food and used tickets to represent money. A student had to pay to get a ticket and they used tickets to buy food and drinks.

Overall, the dance was a success and the students thoroughly enjoyed this fun after school dance and hopefully, there will be many more to come in future years at Mesa.