Which is the better truck? The Ford F-150, Chevy 1500 or the Dodge 1500?

By Zach Rencsh.

Over the years there have been many talks and fights over what is the best truck. Is it the Chevy 1500 or Dodge 1500 or Ford  F-150? Each of the trucks have pros and cons.

Ford trucks carry weight in the bed ok but when it got tested they founld out that the bed will bend and not stay level with the cab so the bed does not carry the weight well on hills and turns and having weight on one side.

Chevy is so strong it only bends a little and Dodge is in the middle. So Chevy wins the bed test and Dodge second and Ford last.

Though the new Ford F-150s get an average of 22 miles to a gallon it’s not the best. It could do way better, like the new Dodge Ram, but it does rule over Chevy 1500 because the Chevy only gets 14.5 miles to a gallon. Ford is in the middle of who gets the best mileage.

The new Dodge Ram is at the top of this story with a  25-30 miles to a gallon and that’s actually really great for a big v8 like the hemi and along with that the truck comes with a 6-speed transmission from the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The three trucks may have some problems about the bed and engine but what about towing? Which truck has the better towing ability?

Chevy trucks can tow just over 10,000 lbs in the bed and trailer. Dodge has a max load in the bed of 3,000 lb and a towing ability of  13,000 lb. Ford  has a towing limit of 12,000 lbs and  a 3,000 lbs bed load.

So which one is the best truck? Even though no one can decide on which is better, it depends on the person. Josh Kebel said, “The new Ford F-150 Raptor and the King Ranch is the strongest and comfiness of the three trucks.” 

Paul  Tracy said, “Ford because they’re dependent on themselves not the government.” Nick Peterson said, “Dodge really put a lot of tech into the truck and Dodge is the most powerful because of the hemi, which is the engine that is in the Dodge 1500.

So it seem that Dodge is the best, but it depends on the person, because some people like Ford or Dodge or Chevy, but people have different  standards and opinions.